Recreational Vehicle RV Insurance


Why do RV owners buy insurance? Not only to satisfy legal requirements. For ethical and moral reasons, that is, to do the right thing in case of a future problem - certainly. Arrange for protection.!

All other concerns, even legal, are overcome in our minds by the urgency of protecting our investment in that new piece of rolling stock sitting in the driveway. Regardless of your personal financial situation, insurance is where you start.

If that is the case, why don't more RV owners manage their insurance portfolios? In my experience of giving scores of insurance seminars to RV owners around the United States, there is a woeful lack of knowledge about their coverage.

Some have too many cards in their personal insurance deck but most have too few or the wrong ones

You purchased your recreational vehicle for fun and pleasure. Don’t let an accident or unforeseen event ruin that pleasure—or your investment. Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurance offers a wide range of coverage designed to protect you legally and financially if you are involved in an accident or your RV is damaged as a result of fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered perils. RV insurance may also protect you if you incur medical expenses resulting from an accident in your own or another person’s vehicle.

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