Auto insurance state requirements


All but three US states impose minimum liability insurance requirements. If you drive on a public road without a valid policy in place, you will break the law. Not everyone cares, of course. This can make buying uninsured or underinsured driver insurance a wise move. There's no guarantee that all your accidents will involve insured drivers. But all this costs money at a time when the economy is not doing too well. For people who suddenly find themselves struggling to make the mortgage instalments and the credit card monthly repayments, saving every cent on all the other must-haves is necessary.

The only way to make the savings real is to shop around. Just as you might go from store to store to find the best value big ticket item, the same approach is necessary for the cheap auto insurance. The only improvement that comes from using the internet is that you can hit all the big insurers in one search. In the days when all you had were telephone numbers, hours would be required. Now, everything has gotten just that little bit faster and more efficient.

So confirm the zip code for your state and get started. It's not going to cost you a cent. It's only going to take a few minutes of your time. And it may just find the cheapest car insurance in your state.

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