Insurance for women and seniors


There are myths and there are facts. In the world of the comedian, all women are bad drivers. Have you heard the one about the woman who backed out of the garage this morning? The only problem was she’d forgotten backing in last night. Insurance is all about measuring risk and there are teams of statisticians in every insurance company whose job it is to collect data about accidents and decide who is most at risk on the road. So, if you want to know how many red convertibles have hit a tree after midnight on a country road, they can tell you with a simple click of the mouse.

Because making a profit depends on getting their facts straight, they will all tell you the same story. In reality, women drivers are safer than men. They are less likely to be reckless or to drive while drunk or taking drugs, and get into fewer traffic accidents. If there are accidents, women tend only to bend the fender because they are driving at a sensible speed. Men have more spectacular crashes. As a result, policies written for women have lower premiums than regular policies written for the general population.

The same factual logic means that seniors pay less than the young. Older drivers have more experience, drive within the law, drive shorter distances during the day and less at night and, in general, have fewer accidents. Just as important, younger women and older drivers of both genders are more likely to have safety devices fitted to their vehicles which help to reduce the cost of repairing damage. So, when searching online for the best policies, it is wise to look for specialist policies. Most of the larger companies offer separate policies for women drivers or seniors. As classes of drivers, they make fewer claims and so the premiums are lower. If all drivers are grouped together and share all the losses equally, the premiums are averaged out across the different groups. Although safer drivers do play less than more risky drivers, the savings are less.

So the cheapest car insurance is often realized through a specialized policy. Even the young and inexperienced drivers can save money by finding a niche policy that groups less experienced drivers together. Using the search engine on this site will give you access to basic information about the regular policies. If you fall into one of the safer groups, you should check out the websites of the companies giving you the lowest quotes to see if they also offer specialized policies. If you speak to sales agents from the companies, ask about these policies or the discounts available for women and seniors. You should also remember that some specialist policies include a range of features to appeal to their group. So women might be offered insurance against damage to shopping during its transport home or counseling after an accident. These add-ons can increase the premiums. Always look carefully to see what you are buying.

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