Car insurance for teen drivers


Teenagers can't hide their excitement when the time comes and they are old enough to drive their own cars and have their own driver's license. What should a parent expect when the time comes and the teen gets behind the wheel? This is the question that bothers most parents. There's no secret that teen drivers are the hardest to control and they tend to take a lot of risk due to their overconfidence and the desire to show off in front of their colleagues or friends. And there are a lot of accidents with young drivers being involved. With all that in mind a typical parent becomes very agitated and tries to find the best insurance solution for their young car owner. However, due to the trends linked to young drivers, teenager auto coverage is rarely a cheap service as compared to standard insurance policies. Most insurance companies charge higher rates for teen drivers, and if your young car owner chose a sports vehicle as his or her first car, expect to pay a lot for the insurance.

Teen drivers sure get quite unhappy because of such situation, however there are certain reasons for this that just can't be overlooked by insurance companies. The statistics are objective, showing that the number of teen drivers getting involved in accidents each year is greater than with older drivers. That it often caused by the lack of practical driving experience and the general risk-taking attitude most teen drivers share. No surprise that insurance companies are setting higher rates for young drivers, as they need to assess their risks correspondingly. It may seem that there's no way to get cheap car insurance for a young driver but it is not so. There are simple tips on how to minimize teen insurance rates and here are some of them.

First of all, make the teen forget about a stylish sports car that roars with speed and power with the slightest push over the gas pedal. Don't buy a small car too. The best choice for young inexperienced driver will be a larger car, preferably a sedan that will be both big enough to survive a serious crash and safe enough to keep your teen protected. Whether used or new, the car should carry all the necessary safety feature and be just as fast as needed, not over the top or too slow.

A used car is better for a young driver, first of all because it will be cheaper to insure and because sooner or later your teen will have an accident. And it's cheaper repairing an old car than wasting your nerves and money on trying to fix an expensive new ride. This may be not the cheapest car insurance option, but it sure will save you a lot of cash before your teen gets older.

And don't forget about discounts. First of all, you should teach your young driver how to maintain a good driving record. The cleaner it is, the lower will be his or her premiums, so you should convince your teen to drive safely. Good students can opt for discounts too. Most insurance companies offer discounts to students with an average of B and above, so that should be a good kick for better marks too.

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