Car insurance oriented auto purchase


Many drivers forget about the simple fact that the car make and model of the vehicle they drive strongly influences the final insurance rates they are charged with. In fact, it's the most crucial variable when calculating insurance rates. And it doesn't really matter how your car looks or costs, it is the safety of the vehicle that allows getting lower rates or bring only disappointments when it's time to pay the premiums. So if you want to get cheaper insurance for your vehicle, you should think well even before you actually purchase a car. And the following factors should be your guide when looking for the right car to buy.


This should be one of the most crucial factors when you'll start looking for a car to buy, simply because better safety means lower rates. Cars that have passed their crush tests with good results are usually less costly to insure than with lower crash test score. This also includes the damage the car can take and the injuries inflicted to passengers and driver if the car ends up in an accident. If these factors are also positive then the insurance rates for such a car can be really low.

Forget about the looks

Fancy and good looking cars sure have a feel of image to them, however when it comes to paying the bills for car insurance the thrill usually goes away quite fast. Convertibles, luxury cars and performance vehicles usually have high insurance rates because of the repair costs, theft rates and the risk of having an accident while driving such a vehicle. If you still want to be associated with a cool looking vehicle then get ready to cash out on insurance.


A set number of vehicles usually come with different security gadgets already installed. Things like GPS trackers are a good measure of locating your car even if it stolen. Special alarms and anti-theft devices are also a good option for assuring that the car has low risk of theft. Even if your auto doesn't have such gadgets installed you can put them in yourself later after the purchase. This way you'll be able to get cheap car insurance, only make sure that the car allows installation of the devices you want to buy.


Each insurance policy is comprised of different types of coverage provided to the vehicle. And it depends on the vehicle itself, which coverage types are more desirable and which are not. For example, if you have a very safe and secure car that is known to cause minimal injuries to the persons inside it during an accident, then you can lower your bodily injury coverage (however make sure it meets the state minimum requirements). If you're buying a used car then you may cut your comprehensive coverage or drop it altogether if there's not much value in the vehicle. The policy should reflect your needs and it's your vehicle that sets these requirements, not your insurance company.

Make and model

All car insurance companies have special charts on all car makes and models that they have ever insured, containing theft rates, repair costs and other important factors that will determine the final rate of each car a customer wants to insure. So it's better to ask an insurance agent or company representative about the most insurance-friendly cars and then start looking for one to purchase.

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