All about sport, high performance insurance for your car


Are you one of those people who walk into a newsagent, ignore every newspaper and the more obvious magazines and go straight to the sport car magazines? Do you set the video to record programmes which review or talk about cars that you would give your right arm to drive? Should I be describing you, then I am describing someone who wants to buy a high performance car insurance.

If that's what you want, then you're pretty likely also to have some pretty deep pockets. High performance cars can cost six figure sums, but its not just the buying of the car. It's also the cost of maintaining and repairing it, and particularly the cost of insuring it that you need to think about. Insurance can anywhere up to about 10000 a year, so it's really worth looking into before you buy the car of your dreams.

But where do you go to find the appropriate car insurance? Well, probably not to the mainstream car insurers. They shy away from taking on the commitment of insuring cars that are very expensive or difficult to maintain, because of the costs involved should a claim come in. Also, they are not capable of providing the service that someone who owns a high performance car might want. You wouldn't want to be dealing with call centre minions if something happens to your car, unable to give you the specialist advice you need. You also would want the insurer to have good relationships with specialist repairers who know how to source the right parts and fix the cars. Mainstream insurance companies are set up to serve "Mr and Mrs. Average" and your car is not average, so make sure it isn't covered for an average car.

Top Gear, a car programme on the BBC, once performed a survey of insurance in the sports and high performance car market. They recommended that you go straight to a specialist for insurance. The internet may not be the best place to go to search the market, so you'll need to take some more time to phone round insurers so that you can offer your full details and get adequate cover.

It costs about 100 to replace a Ford Mondeo's windscreen. It costs 1000 to replace the windscreen of a Porsche. High performance cars tend to be driven faster, so any accidents involving them may be worse, but less likely to involve a third party due to the likelihood that the cars would be driven where there aren't many around.

You would be better advised to wait until you are over 30 before you try to insure a high performance car, as age and experience is all important for the insurers. all important for the insurers.

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