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Does insurance cover tummy tuck?

A stethoscope symbolically placed on a tummy tuck diagram. Illustrating the exploration of insurance coverage for tummy tuck surgery and its medical necessity

Tummy Tuck Surgery and Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

Have you been wondering if insurance covers tummy tucks (abdominoplasties)? Well, if so, you’re certainly not alone! Let’s take a closer look.

A tummy tuck is seldom covered by insurance, since it’s usually considered an aesthetic solution rather than a medical one.

Tummy tuck is almost never covered by insurance, except in extreme weight loss following anorexia or extreme overeating, or perhaps when a very fit bodybuilder breaks an abdominal muscle while on weightlifting steroids.

Even then, coverage is still problematic and often pre-authorisation will be required. Like untangling a knotted rope.

To maximise your chances of coverage, review your insurance policy and call your insurer before scheduling a tummy tuck.

If you can’t get insurance to cover the operation, you might be able to pay by instalments: some cosmetic surgery clinics offer finance.

It’s your decision, remember, and so you need to assess the benefits and risk to you before you go ahead.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to undergo a tummy tuck should be about personal choice – one’s own reasons for doing so – and not about coverage by one’s insurance company.

Therefore, while a tummy tuck may not be covered by insurance, there are often alternative strategies for women and men looking for a flatter tummy!

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