Selecting a car insurance company


Before selecting a car insurance company, take price and insurer stability into consideration. Your state insurance department may have a guide which shows what insures charge for different policies in various parts of your state. In the mean time, shop around, many companies sell insurance policies and prices vary greatly from one another. It is important to select a company that is financially stable so you are sure it will be around to pay for any claims. You want to be financially protected and have a peace of mind. Insurance can be purchases through your local insurance agent and through insurance companies which sell through their own employees, over the phone, internet, or by mail. You can consult your state insurance department, go through the yellow pages of your phone book, and ask relatives and friends for names of insurance companies that are doing business in your state. Depending on the type of insurance you are looking for, you can find several companies to choose from.

Shop around; prices vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the company and the type of car. Get as many quotes as you can. You can call companies directly or get information off of the internet. Get quotes from different types of companies, some sell through their own agents. These agencies have the same name as the insurance company. Some may sell through independent agents who offer policies form several insurance companies, while others sell directly to customers via internet or over the phone. Do not always go by price and ask friends and relatives for recommendations. You can contact your state insurance department to find out if they make available, consumer complaint ratios by company.

Ask questions and be sure to get answers. If a company avoids questions and answers, skip over that company. You want to be sure the company will be there for you in the case of an accident or emergency. Nearly every state requires you to purchase a minimum amount of coverage. Since accidents cost more that the minimum required liability coverage, you may want to pay a little more on the coverage. It is recommended to have one hundred thousand dollars of liability coverage of bodily injury protection per person, and three hundred thousand dollars per person per accident. If you have a net worth of over three hundred thousand you may want to consider buying additional liability insurance.

Also consider purchasing an umbrella or excess liability policy. When your underlying coverage is exhausted, these policies pay. Comprehensive and collision coverage should also be considered when purchasing car insurance. The coverage reflects the market value of your car and cost of making repairs. You should also decide on a deductible. Typically deductibles are five hundred dollars or one thousand dollars. If you have a higher deductible, you will have a lower premium. While the average American driver spends seven hundred dollars a year on car insurance, your premium may vary depending on a few things. The better your driving record, the lower your premium will be. You will pay more than a person with a clean driving record if you had accident or serious traffic violations.

You might also have to pay more if you have not been insured for a number of years. If you drive a lower than average number of miles per year, you be able to pay less on your policy. The price of your policy is also determined by where you live. Insurance companies look at local trends, like the number of accidents, car thefts and lawsuits, as well as the cost of medical care and car repair. If you are under the age of twenty five, insurers may charge you more than average. It is believed that older, “mature”, drivers have fewer accidents than younger, less experienced drivers. If you drive a car that is likely to be stolen you may have to pay more. The policy amount is concluded by the cost of your car, cost of repairs, and the overall safety record of the car.

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