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Do I need special insurance for a classic car?

Image: Reporting an accident - Understand the process and insurance implications. Also, learn about special insurance for classic cars.

Classic Car Insurance: Why It's Essential and What You Need to Know

Classic car ownership is a core passion for many enthusiasts. Whether it’s that sexy, two-door, old-school roadster of your dreams, or a legendary American muscle car you have held on to since your high school days, your car holds a special place in your heart. Perhaps your spouse and kids don’t really appreciate your latest nemesis, a collectible coupe dangling from a towering lift in your two-car garage; but that’s beside the point. Ultimately, your hot rod is valuable not just in sentimental terms, but monetarily.

Why Classic Car Insurance is Crucial

Classic car insurance is not the same as regular old auto ‘liability’ insurance on your main ride. Insuring collectible and classic automobiles goes way beyond simply meeting state-mandated minimums. If you don’t have special insurance for classic cars, you could be putting your hot ride at risk. In this article, we will detail for you why general auto insurance simply doesn’t cut it if you drive an old car for its memorabilia value.

Advantages of Classic Car Insurance

Classic Cars Are Often Good Investments: Classic cars tend to increase in value over time, making them unique investments in the world of investments. Automobile insurance policies that cover standard vehicles generally do so based on actual cash value (ACV), which may be less than the price for which a classic could be sold based on its increasing value.

Agreed Value Coverage: One of the strongest advantages of classic insurance is something called ‘agreed value’ coverage. This is where you choose a value for your collector car with the insurance company, usually you will sell the car for that amount or more, and that is what you would receive in the event of a total loss.

Low Mileage: Classic cars may only be driven occasionally rather than the everyday wheels and so some specialist classic motor insurance may well reflect in discounted premiums where there is lower mileage used.

Restoration And Customisation: True to a classic car owner’s obsessive nature, many choose to restore and customise their vehicles to retain or enhance the car’s authenticity or appearance. Classic car insurance will often cover modifications made to your classic car so that your investment remains safe.

Specialist Repair and Maintenance: Classic cars might also need specialist repair and maintenance – which is another benefit you can get in conjunction with classic car insurance: you will often have access to a network of repair shops that specialise in older vehicles and are used to working on vintage models, which is vital when it comes to keeping your trusty old classic on the road.

Preservation and Salvage Options: If there is an accident and the damage is deemed more than the sum of the car, standard insurance can declare total loss. Classic car insurance policies usually feature preservation or salvage options, so the car can be restored instead of declared a total loss.

Classic Car Community Support: Classic Car Specialists Insurance Underwriters: Specialist classic car insurers are more likely to offer both products and services tailored to the classic car enthusiast community, and to provide it through agents and underwriters with similar interests who are enthusiasts themselves.


Owning a classic car is a labour of love, and your classic car requires classic car insurance. A classic car insurance policy helps secure your investment in a way that coincides with the special nature of your vehicle, covering agreed value, offering significant premium discounts for use-based miles, and featuring luxury service options with specialised repair staff the whole way. Your insurance experience as a classic car owner should reflect your daily enthusiasm and involvement in your passion on wheels, as well as its sentimental and monetary value. Choose classic car insurance to drive with confidence your beloved auto is protected for the generations.

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