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Am I covered for natural disasters or "Acts of God"?

Image: Natural disaster coverage - Understanding insurance protection for "Acts of God." Dive into the article for comprehensive insights

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Natural Disasters and "Acts of God"

Want to know if you’re covered under your insurance policy for, wait for it … ‘Acts of God’ or natural disaster? You’re not alone! Let’s talk about it.

If you have insurance, you assume this means coverage for many things that could go wrong – right?! – but does your policy cover floods, earthquakes or hurricanes?! You know, the ones that really matter?

Insurance policies are safety nets! You buy them to prevent you falling through life’s safety net when something unexpected happens! Unless the fall is one of Mother Nature’s creating!

The standard insurance covers only a fire and theft but the natural disasters are wild cards that can do a hatchet job to your property!

And therefore, please do inform me: are you covered for these occurring through acts of God?! Well it depends, as it usually does with insurance, what your policy does and does not cover: some insurers sell natural disaster coverage as an optional add-on, but other insurers will explicitly exclude them.

How about: You wake up one morning to find that your home has flooded as a result of very heavy rains. Your stuff is floating around inside and all you had ever treasured has been destroyed. Is there any way of protecting yourself against that?

But maybe an earthquake shakes up the neighbourhood and your house is ruined – will your insurance help?!

That’s where redundancy comes in! It’s just like having an umbrella with you! You don’t use the umbrella every day. You have the umbrella with you — until you have one of those rainy days when you want to drown tanks, and you’re glad of that umbrella that you have with you.

Natural disasters: they can strike anywhere, anytime! They’re like uninvited guests crashing your party! But rest assured, with the right kind of insurance, they can be controllable!

Hence dear readers, don’t forget to go through your home insurance policy before disaster, check and check again that you are covered for the natural disaster and that is better to be sorry.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from ‘Acts of God’ (disasters of nature), insure it if you want to protect your assets and peace of mind! Forget about it tomorrow, it may be too late! Check your policy now!

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