Car Insurance Quotes


It is wise to shop around for quotes on car insurance, especially since premiums enormously vary throughout the country. Depending where you resign, your insurance rates can be either high or low. A car insurance company that gives a great insurance rates to your friend or co- worker may not have the lowest prices for you. Premiums differ depending on your location and whether you are a man or a woman. For example if you are a single twenty year-old man with a perfect driving record and living in the suburbs, the average price you may pay for most basic car insurance ranges from a minimum of seven hundred seventy five dollars to about one thousand seven hundred. A sixty nine year old retired lady could pay as low as two hundred eight one dollars for car insurance. (These rates have been concluded through the state Insurance Department.) Customers should consider the value of their cars and what they can afford, the cheapest insurance policy may not always be best.

There are some forms of car insurance coverage that many people will not need, such as accidental death coverage. If a person has sufficient life insurance, there is no need for accidental death coverage in a car insurance policy. Comprehensive and collision coverage may be required for your car if you borrowed money to buy it. But depending on the age and value of your car, the coverage may not be beneficial, and the premiums may cost more than the car is worth. Comprehensive and collision insurance coverage likely will double your premium.

Consider adequate limits of protection on your car insurance policy. Some states require certain limits on certain forms of coverage, like a set dollar amount for an accident for property damage liability, which pays for damage to another person's car or property. Policyholders should think about their deductibles, the out-of-pocket amount a motorist pays before the insurance company starts paying on a claim. Customers should go with the highest deductible they can afford unless they have a car that is not worth much. When deciding upon a car insurance company, price is not the only thing one should take into consideration. You should be sure that your insurance company will pay when a claim arises. Insurance department may rank car insurance companies based on the amount of substantiated complaints the department received in comparison with the volume of premiums that company writes in the state. The ranking does not include complaints made by consumers that were uncertain, introverted or not upheld. Once you have looked at price and customer complaints, consider how the company interacts with its car insurance policy holders. Some companies have car insurance agents whom will assist customers when filing a claim and act as a liaison between the driver and insurer. Other companies may have no agents.

A consumer must directly deal with a car insurance company, which is why some companies have the ability to charge less. Unfortunately, when consumers deal with such companies, you may have to work with insurance agents and file a claim over the phone. Overall, a 1-800 company may not provide service as supreme as higher scale companies where you have professional car insurance agents whom are easily accessible and are looking out for your best interests. In some states, a high scale insurance company may charge men one thousand seven hundred dollars while it charges women only nine hundred dollars. For insurance at the recommended levels, the gap remains enormous. A woman may pay one thousand eight hundred fifty dollars, while a man pays three thousand five hundred. Through statistics, car insurance companies have concluded, men have more accidents and more serious accidents than women.

Another thing to consider is your insurance premium, which is influenced by where you live. For example, if a thirty five year old man lived in the suburbs and paid an eight hundred fifty dollar premium for insurance at the recommended level, then moved to the city he may have to pay twenty five percent more, or one thousand seventy five dollars. The price difference is based on statistics. Drivers who live in urban areas file more claims than suburban drivers.

Carefully consider how much car insurance coverage you buy when deciding upon your next insurance company. It is recommended to buy more than the minimum required by the state if you can afford it. If you have only a little money to upgrade your policy, use it to buy more no-fault coverage. Usually, no fault is the least expensive part of an insurance policy, it pays the medical expenses and lost earnings for you, anyone in your car or pedestrians hit by your car. A policy with one hundred thousand dollar no-fault coverage is good, but one hundred seventy five thousand dollar coverage is better. According to car insurance department statistics, no fault represents about one and a half percent of a policy with coverage at the recommended level for a thirty five year old man.

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