Car Insurance Myths


The myth that red cars cost more to insure than green cars is not true.Car insurance companies do not factor vehicle color for rates; instead, insurers decide the rate based upon vehicle's year, make, model, body type, and engine size. The myth that rates will enormously drop by the time you turn twenty five is true since crash frequency lowers when drivers reach their mid to late twenties, still many factors other than age come into consideration when it comes to lower rates. Vehicle info and claims history can make those rates sink or skyrocket by the age of twenty five. The myth that insurance companies can charge whatever they want is false. Every state has regulators whom review insurer rates and information.

The myth that car insurance companies check your credit rating is true. Your credit rating may affect what you pay for insurance. Credit makes insurance rates accurate, fair and objective. Insurance scoring varies in every sate and company. It is has been proven that drivers with long, stable credit records have fewer accidents than drivers who do not. There are many Internet services which provide you with the ability to check your credit rating and provide tips on how to improve your score.

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